The Choice Is Yours...
The Choice Is Yours...

Episode 7 · 2 years ago

The Choice Is Yours - Introduction


The Choice Is Yours - Introduction #1

Being bullied totally changed my life and I had to go on a journey of self discovery. While on my journey I had to learn how to convert my adversities into empowerment and this is why I wrote my book and I have a burning desire to share my learnings with the world.

Hi there. My name is Jason and Sammy A K lap. Now I'm twelve years old and I'm a multiple award winning and an award winning author of the Year award winner of the choice is yours, tankey principles to create a happy lifestyle. I work in partnership with Bruno University alongside my four siblings, aged nineteen, Fifteen, eleven and six. My six year old brother, amyre, is the youngest ever stem ambassador for Bruno University. I've been featured in newspapers, magazines, on radio and TV, etc. I'm the founder of my own Publishing House called the choice is yours publishing. My signature program is called the choice is yours. Your thinking, cats, living and loving life, and I've been fortunate to host this event at the prestigious Virgin Money Lounge and Chelsea F C. I have had the pleasure of participating in campaigns for Saints Ree's Lego, land, Warner brothers and Sony, to name game of three. I was nominated for a rebird award and National Diversity Award,... name a few. I'm also the founder and of mother and daughter Connection Collection and founder of Love Prener. I dream to be the change that I desire to see in the world and to inspire others to be in the choice as often as possible. The question is, when will you start living on your terms? Well, things were not always like this, and that's why I chose to write my book series. My story is when I was in school, I got bullied a lot and I wrote my book just to share what I've been through and how you can go through it. So in my book it has different principles from one to ten, explain different things that can help you through bullying and what can turn your bullying experience into a good experience. So.

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