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Episode 32 · 2 years ago

Episode #32: Interviewing Elizabeth Lopes founder of Earth Is Strong/ Earth Is Strong Accessories


I had an absolute amazing time interviewing Elizabeth Lopes, here is so me info about her and some social media:




Earthstrong Accessories (ESA for short) creates fresh innovative ways to use crystals in our daily lives.

My name is Elizabeth and I fell in love with crystals over a decade ago after going through some intensely trying times. Starting with Rose Quartz, Amethyst and Blue Lace Agate, I began to read and research and learn more and more about crystals and minerals whilst benefitting directly from their healing properties.

I became an avid collector of stones and incorporated them into my daily life. The desire to use the healing frequencies of crystals lead me to discover new ways they could be incorporated into everyday solutions.

Shop Earthstrong for crystals and Accessories. Read our blog to see what we've been getting up to. Contact directly with any questions or queries.

Thank you for visiting Earthstrong and I look forward to being a part of your crystal journey.

HOPE YOU ALL ENJOY!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

B Hi there and welcome back for another episode of Life Accuntiasmin. My Name Jazmine Sammy AK Lapraner. I'm a tell year old author, public speaker and an ambassador for this amazing company called Earth is strong, and today I have an amazing, amazing person with me today and her name is Elizabeth Lopez. Please me introduce yourself to the audience. Hi, the my name is Elizabeth Lopez. I'm a mother of three and I designed jury and accessories for a strong accessories. You could just say yes, a, because it is a mouthful. And Yeah, I am into all kinds of metaphysical things and acourse stuff like Taro and astrology and essential oils and what kinds of things like that. Crystals, crystals, crystals, crystals. That is amazing, and you guys can all trap also purchase all of her amazing stuff on earth is strongcom and I still have the box of me, which is really yeah, this amazing pendant and the box is amazing. Like I'm keeping this box. And so let's get started with the first question. What are your success habits? So Success Habits? I haven't got any success habits in particular. So there's nothing particular like I do, like I'm waking up at a particular time every morning. But I feel like everything to do with success habits I do like in my mind to do with my mindset. So I'm always like in a constant state of gratitude and joy and love, and I pray a lot. So and it's not kind of like a faith based prayer, it's kind of...

...just always taking the time to tune into myself and speak to my higher self and my guides and whoever, and just kind of always saying thank you for what's happened, asking for forgiveness if I know that there's been any time in the day where I've slipped up or anything like that. So yeah, that's what I do. I always write lists of things to do and take them off. So I feel like that's kind of a what was the question? Sorry, success have it. So I feel like that's a success have it. I always try and take people's feedback on so whenever people say, Oh, you could do this differently or change it up like this, I always take on that feedback and see how I can implement it into how I then go on. So I'm that's a success habit for me. I try and eat healthy all the time, as much as I possibly can, because obviously you are what you eat. So I do that and I do intermittently fast as well. So because I feel like when I fast, it kind of gets me in June with them, yeah, with my higher self. So yeah, and I just always persevere and stuff like that. So yeah, amazing. Like that is something that I would cause success have because like that's a lot of things that successful people would do. So it's amazing. And so let's get into the next question. What mistakes have you made along the way and what did you learn from them? Okay, so my biggest mistake was procrastinating. Oh my God, I used to procrastinate so much. I always used to know that there were things that I needed to do, but then like just not actually do them in time. More and I mean, there was never a made. Perhaps it was because there was never like a time. You know, when you have to push yourself to do something, it's a bit harder sometimes because there's no one breathing down your neck, like can you get on with it? So yeah, procrastinating was a big problem for me, but I feel like I'm every single day that goes by by I'm getting better and better with that. What else? Maybe not feeling confident,... being shy and kind of to myself. Those are mistakes that I've made in the past and not putting myself out there and sharing with people kind of the knowledge that I have. They can make their lives better and different way, different ways. And then there are practical miss stakes that I've made, but that's been like design in my products and with suppliers and because I have no background injury or anything like that, I've made a lot of practical mistakes, if that makes sense, with trial and error and the products are refined in it. So, yeah, those are the big mistakes I feel like I'm made. Well, that's an like a very great thing to do, because some people like when sometimes and like not people that I interview, but like some people that I've met at events and Ilex, and like what mistakes that they've made. Some people don't really like to acknowledge the mistakes that they've made. They just want to picture themselves as a perfect person. And although in life everyone has to like everyone has some sort of mistakes, whether it's you ride in the bike and you made the wrong turn. That sounds of mistakes. So that's amazing that you acknowledged you all of those are probably others that I have even said, by the way, because obviously are eagerly, always kind of in the way and it's going to be like you haven't making mistakes, you know what I mean? So yeah, yeah, I definitely agree. And so how did you get into crystals? Oh, it's kind of a long story. How did I get into crystalls? Basically one day. It's kind of a bit of a story. One day, I'll I was really upset. I was on a bus and I had an argument with someone that was really dear to me and I just felt really kind of distraught and I got off this bus and I was walking down this road and I walked into this shop with like tears streaming down my face and I was... please help me, I'm really upset and Blah, blah, blah. I don't know what I was expecting. I think maybe just a hug, but I ended up leaving like I went there and they gave me for crystals, Carnelian, a blue lace, I gave a black tormaline and a rose courts, which will make sense now, and I bought a book a Crystal Healing Book. I don't have it to hand, but I bought this book and it came with free crystals and then I just started reading about them and they actually did help me. So it was after that the rest of history. I just was obsessed with crystals and collected so many and learn about them. And Yeah, that's how I got into it. Wow, amazing story. Like I'm we're like you felt like you were down like the most, unhappy, and then someone came and just gave you those things and that turn into what's happened and mayzing. So Weird. I before that I did not know anything at all about crystals or anything like that. So, yeah, it's good, since it's amazing how things work out. Yes's definitely. I never would thought that like a decade later I'd be doing in this right now. So yeah, so what is the most powerful crystal? So with that, there isn't one. I wouldn't say there's one most powerful crystals because different crystals do different things. So you can have a crystal for love, you can have a crystal for protection, you can have a crystal for confidence, you can have a crystal for energy. So to be able to say there's one particular like powerful crystal, like I couldn't say that there are crystals that are common for those things, like, for example, let me show you like, for example, I mentioned love, or is course, is like...

...the ultimate like stone of love, and it just it makes you so attractive, but not in like a like a romantic way. It can be romantic as well if that's what you want from it, but it makes you attractive in like people just want to help you, people channel love to you, and it's kind of like a synergy that goes back and forth. You have black tormaline, and this is a very protective stone. Of course it's black, so think of like a dark cloak and things like that. So that's how you start to get to know the crystals and their energies. The dark ones are protective, the lighter ones are more of the like a sparkly feeling. You have hematite. Hematite is actually what the surface of Mars is covered in. So this is like, yes, it's cut surface of mass is covered in Hermatite. So when you think of Martian energy, what do you think of? Men are from Venus. I mean men are from Mars, women are from Venus. So this stone gives you like confidence, it gives you drive, it gives you passion. It's really good for someone who's shy and timid to hold and use. And then I'm last of all, Blue Lace aggate, and this one is good for communication. It matches with the Throat Chakra, which is blue, and it just helps you to communicate in a like, a very like. You communicate in a way that your audience can understand you and doesn't have to be a big audience. It can just be one on one, like me and you right now. So yeah, different crystals do different things and there are common crystals for those different things that they do, and I can pick one particular that was most powerful. So, like, every crystal has its power of its own. So, for example, what you said the Rose quotes is for love. So they each have their own power within each stone. So placing and it works on unlike a vibrationary level, so it kind of works along with your like vibrations and it's kind of like you tune into that frequency of love or protection or whatever... is. So yeah, crystals are amazing, very good. They are raising. So how do you describe yourself in three words? Oh, yes, so I would say I was funny. You haven't seen much of it just now, but like, I am funny. I would say I was loving, because I always try and with everything and anything that I do with people or animals or whatever, I just always try and channel love in like an unconditional capacity. Where how can I describe it? Just understanding. So three words, I'll keep it brief. Loving. Yeah, funny, and patient. Patient, I think that I always take the time to like, yeah, patient, that's amazing, like, I can definitely see those in year as well as all. Okay as well, and you're very peaceful as well. That should be added as well. I should say centered. Yeah. So what steps should people follow to help them to help, forgive and then go on to live a life field of gratitude? So should you take to heal, forgive and live a life full of gratitude? Steps to heal, I would say, would have to come from the inside, right, so I would say with what you eat and your daily habits. Those would be the steps to heal, I feel what you eat, your daily habits and your mentality. So you have to remove any any source of resentment or any negativity inside of you. But I feel like that is the first like, that's the true way to heal, is if you don't hold within yourself...

...any negativity, whether that's directed that another person, a situation or the world. If you can just alleviate all of that from yourself, that will really help you to start healing yourself internally and with food. Obviously, like I said earlier, you are what you eat. So I think that food is going to always help you to heal because it's energy, you know, and it it, it heals us. It's like medicine like in a way. So eat your fresh fruits and vegetables, which just sounds so basic, but you know, these things are important, that we eat food that's alive and you know, earthing, not that, not crisps and junk food and all of this. Eat a lot of healthy fruits and vegetables and drink a lot of water, a lot, a lot, a lot of water, because that that keeps you continually cleanse so that you're not holding on to negative vibations and stuff like that. Healing kind of goes with forgiven as well. With forgiving you know, whatever has happened, you need to be able to look at that other human being or situation whatever it might be, and know that it wasn't any it wasn't against you. It was probably something to do with the weakness inside of them that they need to explore, that they need to heal. Never feel like someone has done something against you. It's usually against themselves they've done it, or it's usually as a result of some kind of trauma that they've had in the past. So forgiving is easy if you can just see the humanity of people rather than feel like they owe you something. You know, never feel like someone owes you something, because it's just the surefire way to be disappointed and then to start building on negative feelings of resentment and things like that. And gratitude. Gratitude is just you can be grateful for, like even the smallest things, like a glass of water or leaving...

Your House and having your keys and you didn't forget your keys or you know, like little things. Gratitude can be found in the most biggest, smallest to the biggest things, and I think those are the things that really help you to start living in a state of abundance every day, because if you're always grateful every day, it's like it then it's snowballs and you feel good without even having to think about it. So yeah, yeah, I could probably waff along forever, but I'm it. But it is amazing, like the way you described how each word meant to you and how to take those steps. And Yeah, so what would you tell someone who's trying to start up there a new business right? So what would I tell I would tell you to don't give up. First and foremostly, don't give up. If you have an idea, go for it. I mean, I know that's probably sounds easierter than done, but it's not going to leave you unless you go for it. So just don't give up. The second thing that I would say is to read books. Make sure you read books that are inspiring and help you to change your mindset and mentality. I have a few books here I will show you. For example, I have I'm not going to like walk along about what's inside of them, but this is a great book about you know, remembers that I was shy. So this book helps with if your shy, to just kind of get on with it. It's called feel the fear and do it anyway, by Susan Jeffers. Love this book. And then we've got this is a cult classic, and so the power by under Brian. It's it follows onto the secret, as you know, and it's an amazing book because it just really helps you to cultivate what we've been talking about, love and gratitude and just being in a state of mind...

...where you know that you can attract anything that you want, any situation, any object, any financial like, I don't know. But whatever it is you want, use this book and it will help you to get in that state of mind where you can get it. This it's got a bad word. You are a bad something at making money. And By densis Sarah. This is a great book for if you have like a negative relationship with money, it really helps you to fix all of that within your mind and realize that you are worth it. You are actually worth it. There's no reason why you can't earn as much money as you want. There's no reason why you're stuck in some kind of monetary financial situation that you've always been in, or maybe your generations and generations always been in. So this is a great book to just release any like fears that you have about money and things like that. And last but not the least, it's a psycho psycho cybernetics and this is a brilliant book for again, mind stuff and it helps you to it kind of helps you to sort of create the persona that you see yourself being in this world, to be your best self and kind of stepping into that and making the most of your reality and not feeling confined by anything around you. You know, he uses in this book the example of Lace Armstrong and how he was like byclist or something and he was really hurt and he actually was able to use the power of his mind and just imagining cycling and cycling every day until he actually won. I think maybe the toll the front it was called. I hope I'm not talking rubbish right now, but yes, he was able to use the power of his mind to then become that thing that he envisioned. So I really love that book. Make a vision board, surround yourself with other successful people, get out there and network.

Have a look at a business plan. You don't have to write a business plan, but even if you just have a look at one to see how it's set up and things that you might not even realize that that you needed to do to make a business. Do that and also don't be overwhelmed. So if you like, if you do, look at a business plan and you're like on a god, how is how am I going to do all of this, or where is the money going to come from, or a just don't be overwhelmed, to calm down, pray, like I said in the beginning, and everything will like, everything will be fine. Persevere and, yeah, everything will figure itself out. Amazing. Unlike some people don't really like to read books. So the advice that you just gave, I think some people like to switch their mindset about not reading books and start reading books. Because the book that you showed, the secret, the power, I actually have the series of it, the power and the secret, and I also have the magic, but I'm not sure if that's the same. Yeah, but I've been able to work through it because it's kind of like a workbook. The magic. Yeah, I like, I really love those book because not only does it teach you about mindset, but also teach you about grounding yourself, like the power. It teaches you that you have different things that you're capable of, but some people don't really understand it. And like the secret and the magic is just truly like amazing. So that's an amazing advice you gave to some people. Is there anything that you like, a message that you would like to leave with everyone that's watching? Be Love, be yourself, be loving to as many people as you can be. Always be in a state of gratitude, and you can do it, like, whatever it is, do it. It's not impossible, and just know that you are loved and protected, even by invisible forces that you cannot see. So yeah, there's an amazing and can you please tell the audience like...

...some social media and the website that everyone can go and see and follow whatever you're doing right? So the handles on twitter, on Instagram, on facebook are all our act. Earth is strong, or one word, earth is strong, and I have a website. It's www dot earth is strongcom. Let me hold the box close so you can maybe see it is actually, I hope so. Yeah, and yeah, so, yeah, I do crystals. I'm designing more products and it's literally just the beginning of my journey. So follow me along on it and you're thumb amazing, amazing stuff that I'm really super excited to show everyone. So yes, well, thank you for joining me on this show and thank you for your time and I hope those who are listening to what Elizabeth Lopez has been saying and make sure to go and buy her products as well and, like me, keep the box and and just go and follow everything that she does, because she's truly amazing. And those two words that she described herself with, peaceful, is like one of the words that I would remember you for, peaceful and loving, because you're so outgoing and many people really like that. And keep doing what you're doing, Keeven ins trying people, and the Rose Court stone is truly worked its magic, because you are amazing. So thank you so much for coming on this show and yeah, everybody, please go and follow what Elizabeth has been doing and have an amazing rest of your day. And Yeah, not funny now, but enjoy the weather because it's been amazing. Okay, yeah, amazing with your day by by, thank you, by everyone, by.

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