The Choice Is Yours...
The Choice Is Yours...

Episode 11 · 2 years ago

Episode #11: The Choice Is Yours - Principle #4


Principle #4 talks about the Importance about keeping a Gratitude Jar.

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Principle number for declutter. Take a moment to think about the word declutter. What does D clutter mean to you? Do you know how imported is to de cluttering to keep your environment tidy and organized? I think the reason why it is very important D to d clutter and to keep your environments tidy and organized it is because it will allow you to find things easily, and an organized mind equals and organized mind. It will make you feel good. It can help you to feel more relaxed. Other people will be able to relax in your environment too. When you declutter, you let go of the old and makes space to receive positive and new replacements. When you start a declutter and organize your environment, you should take some time to visualize what an organized environment nots like, so anytime your environment does not match your vision, you can simply just make your environment look like your vision. When you start to declutter, first you must be willing to let go of the things that no longer serve you. I really believe that everyone should declutter and keep their environment...

...tidy and organized. This book is all about finding your happiness and always remember that the choice is yours. I believe that happiness is the key to success. declutter. To Ring helps to clear my mind. It's amazing how our surroundings can affect on mindset. The question is, if your home is full of to close up, how will your mind feel? Your mind is likely to be full of flutter. To just imagine how your mind will feel in an organized environment. You could feel less overwhelmed and more confident just by decluttering and organizing your environment. When we do clutter your family home, will feel free. We feel happy, we feel amazed and we feel so much more comfortable. When you declutter, you can begin to feel free on so many levels. It can help you to move forward and face the future. We confidence. Getting organized and decluttering can help you to focus on what matters in...

...your life and your purpose. After decluttering, I've been able to confidently say no to the things and that are not in alignment with me, things that don't line up with my goals and dreams. When you start to work and clearing things that no longer serve you, you will release that decluttering and can go on to positively, positively affect other areas of your life. Before we start to declutter our family home, I felt drained, confused. I had low energy. I felt stressed and overwhelmed, but now I thought peace. Did you know that clutter can make you feel tired dizzy and can also make you overy. When you D clutter, make sure to make the process as simple as possible. Only d clatter one romanted time. You can start in one area of the room and slowly d clutter the entire room. For example, you can create a run plan or simply visualize how you would like the room to look when you are finished, or just go the fly. Then... an err area to to empty and separate items and two things you want to keep and things you want to give way to charity shops, hospice, families or friends and etc. And you just have to repeat this process over and over and over again until you have decluttered the room. When you finished that area, you just need to organize the things that you have chosen to keep. You can also do the things this this thing's with friends or family. If you need a little help, good luck. It's time to say goodbye to the old and welcome the new. Keep in my space, clean, tidying organized makes me feel good inside. Make this you're good habit. Thank you.

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