The Choice Is Yours...
The Choice Is Yours...

Episode 4 · 2 years ago

A Letter To Your Younger Self: Step Into Your Higher Self #4


A Letter To Your Younger Self: Step Into Your Higher Self #4

Now it is time for you to fully embrace the truth of who you are and that which you desire to share with the world

Are Either it's yes and mentor on me, and it is video. In this video, I'd like to you to record a video from the perspective of your highest self and just showing what you've learned from the past and retelling it. And My story is I'm eleven years old, I'm a middle child of five and I'm an entrepreneur and author and a public speaker my food or I was bullied a lot and from learning from that experience, I'm now doing and done. Today. I am more powerful, I am more brave and I'm just being myself. But when I was bullied, I didn't really realize what I was doing to myself. I was damaging myself, I was being disconnected from all the people that I've loved, and that didn't really make me feel good. But after learning what I can do in order to stop it and in order to build and do my dreams, I had to think. I had to as as a quote that my mom says, you and life is...

...a blank canvas and you're the painter. So what you going to paint on your canvas? I can't wait to see. By.

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