The Choice Is Yours...
The Choice Is Yours...

Episode 5 · 2 years ago

A Letter To Your Younger Self: Gratitude Letter #5


A Letter To Your Younger Self: Gratitude Letter #5

An attitude of gratitude is the difference that makes the difference

...either. Yeaman, some mean. This is video five, and in this video are like you to record your very own video writing three thankful letters to the people that you are very grateful for. And here's an example of three people that are right man letters. So the number one person is to my mom, and I'm grateful for her because she is a person who taught us all this personal development and all and how to be authors, how to be yourselves and how to just really step into our higher self and introducing us to people like Reagan and Hilia and Inherenton and all those amazing people at that I know in my life today. The second person is my Nan is, because she is always buying us the expensive Plos, and when I say that I mean like what on expensive post. So I really want to thank you, Nana, if you're watching this video. And the third person is my big sister, and that is because she's always looking out for me, and when...

I say always, I'm like you every day. And she also taught me how to speak Korean and I can a little bit, and I'll introduce myself quickly and known Passa or children. Yes, Minami Dad, and that is Korean, and I know Jay Chinese and Jeffanye. That's all because of my sister. Love you, Sche is that I am why.

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